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middlearth tales

Έχετε 75 λεπτά στη διάθεσή σας για να μπορέσετε να βρείτε το καταραμένο σπαθί που ψάχνουν τα Ορκς και να ξεφύγετε.

2-5 Players 70 minutes difficulty8/10
Adventure No actor For Kids

You are in the second age of Middle Earth.

Hundreds of years after the fall of Morgoth.

Of the dark lord and his troops.

Wars have faded in the world's memory.

But not for long..

The forces of evil are regrouping.
Rumors have reached your ears of Orc attacks on the shores of the Southern cities where you also reside.
It sounds like they are looking for a rare item.

An elaborate artifact that will give them the upper hand in the impending war.

After some time the rumors were confirmed.

Your village is under attack.

In your attempt to escape, you find refuge in the forsaken inn which is located a little further away from the rest of the houses in the village.Inside the inn, however, there are secrets waiting to be discovered.

Will you be the first to find what the Orcs are looking for and get away before they find you?


You have to escape

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