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Mr. Apostolou, broker: I am waiting for you tomorrow morning at Piraeus 8 Athens to show you the apartment we discussed.

2-5 Players 90 minutes difficulty8/10
Psychological thriller With actor Horror Adults Only

Kid: -Mom, please don't turn the light off, I'm scared.

Mother: - What are you afraid of, honey?

Kid: - I'm afraid that Boogeyman will come and take me away.

Mother: - Don't talk nonsense baby, there is no Boogeyman.

Kid: - But grandma said that if I'm not a good boy, she'll come to get me in the evening.

Mother: - These are stories about little children who don't eat their food. You're a good kid.

Kid: - And if these stories turn out to be true, mother?

Then, my little angel, we are all lost…


You have to escape

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